Everything Happens For A Reason

Thought_Leader_A little while ago, a friend asked me, “Everything happens for a reason…your thoughts?” Well, I responded inquiring if this was for academic purposes or merely a probing question to figure what lies beneath the thick skull of mine. It turns out, it was not for academic purposes; however, since I was at work, I could not respond appropriately but I did take a long while to give it some serious thought. This is not a subject that is new to me. I have long since given my time and resources to wrapping my head around this very issue. So, as I return to the blog scene, I hope you will take the time to read this paragraph or two as I summarize my thoughts for both my friend and my readers alike.
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Strength In Numbers

I would like everybody to take a minute to watch this 3 minute and 17 second trailer for a movie that was recently released. Now, I myself have not seen this movie yet but I really, really, want to. The trailer itself is enough to inspire me to go out and ride my hardest, to push myself to that limit that I know I can reach past. Mountain biking can become a way of life, as they mention in this trailer, and it’s true. There is something about being in the middle of nowhere with only yourself, your bike, and maybe a companion interrupting the tranquility of your surroundings.



Tag-Along with the South City Scout: Part 2

Crazy Jake climbing at a kids play ground

As promised, I am now here to deliver part 2 of our scouting adventure.

Yes, that is Jake pictured above. He wanted to revisit the childhood he never had…the one where he could climb anything. This was at Lemay Park by River City Casino. This park was a nice diversion but also a confusing one as well as it redirected us off of our chosen path to find the Jefferson Barracks Greenway Trail. If you find yourself in Lemay Park, retrace your steps and head back up over the bridge along River City Casino Blvd to reach the trail. Continue reading